Growing Young Entrepreneurs,

Ep2. What Makes An Entrepreneur

21 Feb 2019

Ep 2. What Makes An Entrepreneur

In this episode of ‘Growing Young Entrepreneurs’, Acton Academy’s Caryn Kong and Dr. Ewe share their experience of being an entrepreneur themselves as well as what it takes for children and youths to become successful entrepreneurs. Obtaining first-hand observations of how students from the academy strive and struggle through their challenges, the academy try to assist the students to be more independent and compassionate in order to embrace ownership and responsibilities. They also disclose interesting stories of their little eagles, like how they manage to survive through trials, errors, sweat and tears!

Key Takeaways

From dealing with students with diverse purposes to cleaning lavatories, Caryn and Dr. Ewe confront their daily hitches and embrace them as part of the journey of becoming great entrepreneurs. The key to success is to always be excited to achieve our dreams, whether it is big or small. To them, being an entrepreneur is just like learning how to ride a bicycle, falling and bringing oneself up. In contrast, holding up with different challenges each week, Acton Academy’s eagles are all about taking big steps in unraveling their true selves into their work and activities, steering innovation and help them identify their strengths and limitations. No doubt that students may whine at the fact that they have to answer questions on their own, but with the given resources and freedom, they can produce astounding results.

Fun fact

‘Children Business Fair’, an annual event conduct by Acton Academy plays a huge role in facilitating children to uphold good entrepreneurship. Children get to brainstorm ideas of their own products, set up their booth and earn some cash.




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