Top 3 with Serena C,

Ep2. Top 3 Businesses from Home

29 Nov 2018

Ep 2. Top 3 Businesses from Home

In this episode of Top 3 with Serena C, we are introduced to Hanan Asyraf who sells vintage clothing and earns up to thousand dollars for a tshirt through her online business. The 37 years old founder started his business in Kota Bharu and now has now turned his entrepreneurial venture into an international businesses by working from home and utilising the best of social media. Hamizan Haswanie Nadia initially went viral on the internet for selling a cake as low as RM1 per slice in Terengganu. Following her outrageous social media strategy, she has now made online food sale a permanent job with a healthy income. Next up is a young entrepeneur, Iman Saffiyah who was inspired by Neelofa and followed in Neelofa’s footsteps by selling her own label of “Tudung Sekolah Iman Safiyyah” on Instagram. Grabbing the opportunity upon realising the perfect demographic for it, Iman is now a successful ladyboss of her own hijab label!

Key Takeaways

Hanan Asyraf took 5 years to learn about the label by monitoring fashion trends and the value to each specific vintage item as well. Utilising several platforms specialising in such a nice like Etsy and Ebay to enlarge his business, he learnt the ropes and has since sold a Snoop Dogg t-shirt for eight hundred dollars! Meanwhile, Nadia who previously has zero experience in baking learned all the recipes from the internet with the help of her husband. She gambled with Lady Fortune by starting her business with only a capital of RM92 and only after 6 days, her gambled paid off as she earned thousands of ringgit in profit. Iman Safiyyah maintains a delicate balance between her business and school life as she is only 14 years old. In spite of her young age, she has amassed over 85 thousand followers on Instagram and uses it as a platform to started her headscarf business which has since boomed into an entrepreneurial success.

Fun Fact

Did you know women are 38% are more likely to use Instagram than men? So, if you sell your products or services directly to customers, Instagram could be an ideal platform for you.





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