Ep2. Poladrone – Bringing Agriculture Forward with Drones

26 May 2019

Ep 2. Poladrone – Bringing Agriculture Forward with Drones

In this episode, eFM speaks to Jin Xin from Poladrone, a Malaysian-born tech firm specialising in drones, particularly those innovating the agricultural industry through their data collection methods with drones.

Key Takeaways

Jin Xin speaks on the low awareness and penetration of drone technology in Malaysia, where a large number of the local industries are unaware of the limitless potential within the industry. Speaking of misconceptions surrounding drone technology such as its limited function within the aerial photography sector as well as utilizing drone tech to collect data, Jin Xin shares the ins and outs of the industry. In addition to that, he touches on how the industry’s segmentation hinders the growth of the industry as a whole and how coming together, drone tech firms can go even further with the future of drones.

Fun Fact

90% of Poladrone’s consumer base comes from the agricultural sector.



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