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Ep2. Healthy Guiltless Cravings that are Awesome

23 Nov 2018

Ep 2. Healthy Guiltless Cravings that are Awesome

In this episode, Serena C talks to Insta Made Business Rawsome on how the business grew to 4 outlets all thanks to Instagram. Rawsome is a healthy food company that believes in eating right that started in June 2015 as a results of the founder, Elyn Pow, concerns over her parents being diagnosed with Diabetes. The brand first started with their signature product specializing in organic chia puddings – a healthier and guiltless dessert alternative. Subsequently, Elyn wanted to offer more than just Chia puddings, she began to develop other healthy food products with asian twist.

Key Takeaways

Elyn started Rawsome, and selling her Chia Seed Puddings in a jar, on Instagram as opposed to a physical shop, as she believed Instagram was able to reduce her risk in starting up her business, especially in the validation stage. As Instagram is a wholly visual platform,it is a perfect medium for businesses especially for food businesses. Even after 4 outlets, Rawsome still relies heavily on Instagram to market and sale her products.

Fun Fact

In line with Rawsome’s objectives and mission, Rawsome conducts community yoga sessions at our HQ in Sungai Buloh. Classes are at affordable rates (RM10 for yoga and RM20 for aerial) without any joining fee or packages. Rawsome also organizes community events and activities, trying to make changes and impact to their consumer’s lifestyle and habit.



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