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Ep2. Hacking the brains of entrepreneurial individuals

15 Oct 2018

Ep 2. Hacking the brains of entrepreneurial individuals

Is it possible to change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?

In fact, can we change mindsets? In this episode, we explore what it takes to think like an entrepreneur, with attention to entrepreneurial mindset, motivations, and decision-making.

A special thank you to Dennis Lucan, founder of Mush and co-founder of Marylebone Enterpreneurship Club,(, for the testimony.

About The Series

Hosted by Low Ngai Yuen of Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association, Dr. Ainurul Rosli from Brunel University London and Dr. Jane Chang from GRITse London share their insights on some talk of the town among educators on entrepreneurship.

Ainurul Rosli is a Reader in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Brunel University London and the founding director of GRITse. She is an Entrepreneurial Mindset Practitioner (EMP) and an avid believer in the importance of university-industry interaction. Ainurul is part of Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia, Finland), a global team-learning community that aims to equip young adults with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities required to run their own businesses, while pursuing a degree. In terms of research, Ainurul specialises in entrepreneurship, inter-firm collaboration, innovation strategy, knowledge co-creation and impact, .

Jane Chang is a founding director of GRITse (, a social enterprise which seeks to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to take control of their lives and contribute to their wider communities through social innovation. A visionary leader who incorporates social innovation and practical entrepreneurship education in everything she does, Jane brings together an impressive eclectic mix of skills and experience. She has previously initiated six entrepreneurial ventures and is a specialist scholar of cognitive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education with a passion for bridging academia with real world impact.




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