Ep2. Emerging technologies in the health sector Malaysian Perspective

15 Oct 2018

Ep 2. Emerging technologies in the health sector Malaysian Perspective

With the advent of Industry Revolution 4.0, there is a need to develop a platform to develop and commercialize innovation within the academic ecosystem of the University Malaya (UM). This podcast includes teams from the Business Idea Competition pitching their innovative medical proposals to a panel of judges from multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

About This Podcast

In this episode, Professor Dato’ Dr. Asma Ismail who is the President of Academy Science Malaysia (ASM) talks to us about the history behind the establishment as the academy which was intended as a thought-leader for Malaysia in the STEM fields. In addition to that, she connects the relationship between foreseeing health problems previously unthought of such as obesity and the rise of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in aiding us to combat health issues. As technological advancements become faster and more reliable, Professor Dato’ Dr Asma also discusses how we can delegate our thinking wisely to technology while keeping pace with the 21st century and closing the chasm between the academic world and the actual industry out there.




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