Startups to Scaleups,

Ep2. EasyUni

03 May 2018

Ep 2. EasyUni

In this episode of Startups to Scaleups, we speak to EasyUni CEO, Edwin Tay, and CTO, Nurbek Jusupov about the challenges faced with running a global website that compiles a multitude of different universities and courses in a single site. Created in 2011 with the support of the then Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia, EasyUni has brought more than 3,000 universities from 20 countries and aggregated them into one website. The platform accommodates students, parents, and lecturers by connecting them with various universities thus shortening the tertiary application process. They now employ 30 employees spanning across 3 countries!

Key Takeaways

Edwin and Nurbek regularly stress a key issue plaguing young entrepreneurs today; that of premature scaling. Their philosophy? To continuously focus on what you already know and have instead of taking large risks. In this podcast, the two pioneers also expound upon how best to understand what your customer really wants, and how to provide it for them. Finally, they’ll illustrate why specialisation and niche markets are the way forwards, and why entrepreneurs need to learn how to fail fast, pivot, and listen to their customers.

Fun Fact

The EasyUni website facilitates students and parents through every step of the process. From searching for a university, to the application stream; all at zero cost




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