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Ep2. E-Wallet and Cashless Lifestyle

19 Nov 2018

Ep 2. E-Wallet and Cashless Lifestyle

The Partnership Lead from Boost, Miss Yenny Lee speaks about the Boost App and how it enables the users to pay for their purchases using a phone. As e-wallet and cashless lifestyle are slowly being embraced by the human race, Miss Yenny Lee talks about the necessity of using the e-payment functions and how will it benefit the user in several ways.

Key Take Aways

In this episode, Miss Yenny Lee the Partnership Lead of Boost, discusses about the functions of e-wallet and cashless environment. She talks about the company she represents, Boost, and the relevance of the app they launched in the e-commerce industry. She explains to us the features of the app and its ability to pay without cash hassle, send money for free, top up mobile credits and more. She also stresses on the benefits a merchant can gain through this app and how convinience has an impact on the change of people behaviour in this industry.

Fun Fact

The Boost App is available in selected Klang Valley locations and even ‘pasar malam’ stalls!





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