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Ep2. Don Management

07 Mar 2019

Ep 2. Don Management

In this episode, Rozella Marie interviews to Don Management (previously Project Don) founder, 21-year-old Business Management student, Bernard Nathan. He speaks about his initiatives and passion to fight for differently abled and unique people, giving them a chance to make use of their talents and skills, including modelling. This young entrepreneur also share thoughts on why he decided to establish a modelling talent agency for this minority group in order to unleash their potentials in the local media and advertising industry as well as the challenging encounters that he had to face.

Key Takeaways

Since the motif behind this project is to promote a whole new distinct group of people and giving them opportunities to be in campaigns and medias, Bernard and his friends registered the talent agency under an acronym that stands for Diversity, Opportunity and Novelty (Don Management). Coming from someone who understand how it feels like to be differently abled, Bernard finds himself wondering how he could help his community and provide an open door for them to show the fashion and modelling world what they can do. Realizing how few differently abled and unique models out there in Malaysia, he was determined to set up a talent agency, exclusively for people who are differently abled and unique such as the disabled, Albinos along with Autism and Down-Syndrome patients. The founder also shared that the most difficult part is the set-up of the agency and getting clients to work with them. However, Bernard believes that efforts always pay off at the end of the day. He is certain that this platform is important as it assists in building a better future and lives for models and helping them achieving their goals and dreams. Not only they are able to create job opportunities, but they are also carrying out social works, solving social issues and forming public awareness of the importance of the inclusivity of this minority group in brands and media.

Fun fact

Bernard was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type III) at the age of 2. It is a condition where it affects muscle movements in your body and it is a progressive muscle disease.




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