Starting Up With Kodorra,

Ep2. Different Types of Business Plans

27 Dec 2018

Ep2. Different Types of Business Plans

Starting Up With Kodorra is your insider guide to starting up a well-prepared business idea. From business plans to securing funding for your startup, this is a comprehensive virtual mentorship of Melvin Wong, an award winning entrepreneur who now mentors aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide through his platform; Kodorra.


In this episode, Melvin Wong guides us through the different types of business plans that aspiring entrepreneurs should familiarize themselves with as well as how to construct the most fitting type of business plans for all situations. Taking an eccentric approach of mentoring us to write with investors in mind and how to utilise social skills in business, this episode is an invaluable source of information for entrepreneurs of all stages.


Name-dropping is often seen as a social taboo that is to be avoided. But did you know that name-dropping also doubles as social proofing and can help increase your credibility as an entrepreneur?


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