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Ep19. Yoohoo Hotdogs

18 Oct 2018

Ep 19. Yoohoo Hotdogs

In this episode, eFM’s Set Lunch speaks to the actor and singer Tony Eusoff as well as his business partner Rosana on their latest food venture: Yoohoo Hot Dogs. Yoohoo Hot Dogs stemmed from their attempt to revive a long-defunct hotdog culture in Malaysia amidst the craze surrounding the gourmet burger hype of the recent years. Now operating from a fixed stand at @sedap_TTDI as well as mobile stands during events, YooHoo hotdogs is here to create a sausage party!

Key Takeaways

From their first day of selling out 300 hotdogs in 3 hours to currently offering catering services, YooHoo Hot Dogs has come a long way from their initial venture. In this podcast, Tony and Rosana speak about the challenges of running a very niche fastfood business such as supplies and menu diversification. They also discuss their journey from being a mobile outlet to a permanent Riuh! vendor as well as operating a fixed outlet in TTDI and of which maintaining each presents a different challenge to them as an entrepreneurial duo.

Fun Fact

While the hot dogs are sourced externally, all other offerings are made in-house by Rosana, including their company logo itself!




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