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Ep19. Soh Yien Yee, Avana

26 Jan 2018

Ep 19. Soh Yien Yee, Avana

What It’s About
In this episode, eFM’s Dana Blouin sits down with Soh Yien Yee to talk about her brand new
startup, AVANA, and how her company is transforming social media platforms into
marketplaces to benefit entrepreneurs. AVANA is a social commerce enabler that transforms
social media from a promotional platform to a transactional platform by bridging product
discovery and purchases that closes the loop between digital marketing and commerce for
both online and offline sales channels. It is a complete and complementary platform that
empowers sellers to get their business online quickly without any technical difficulties.

Key Takeaways
AVANA enables commerce between buyer and seller, allowing sellers to reduce drop rate
across multiple sales channels and manage the purchase intent, transactions and inventory
within a single dashboard.

Fun Facts
AVANA is also ready for international market customers, where sellers can pace their
business expansion accordingly with built-in marketing tools to explore different markets
without fulfilling third party requirements.



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