Ep19. MDEC to hone young and emerging entrepreneurs

18 Oct 2018

Ep 19. MDEC to hone young and emerging entrepreneurs

JD speaks to Adib Hassan and his role as a trainer appointed by MDEC to hone young and emerging entrepreneurs. As we move towards existing in the digital space, they talk about training entrepreneurs to take their businesses further with technology and the internet. Together, they look into what it takes to be a good e-usahawan, what is the structure of the programme as well as how do these things benefit local and small entrpreneurs.

Key Takeaways

The role of education is undeniable when it comes to being successful. Providing reliable guidance and training ensures quality and reassurance to entreprenures looking to take their business online. They looking the challenges that one might face when starting e-commerce. Adib offers his opinions, on what needs to be done in Kuching to bring up business, from training business in smaller districts of Sarawak and looking into the shortcomings doing e-commerce in Sarawak.

Fun Fact

MDEC’s trainers are all certified and has gone through training and coaching to ensure the that entreprenuers get the best quality of training and education.




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