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Ep18. Spiced Pumpkin

15 Oct 2018

Ep 18. Spiced Pumpkin

In this episode, Razif Hashim dives into a booming Middle Eastern cuisine appetite growth among Malaysians through an interview with Spiced Pumpkin Restaurant from Shah Alam. Mas Zuhairin, one of the partners of Spiced Pumpkin discusses the ins and outs of successful management of a Middle Eastern restaurant in Malaysia where a myriad of cuisines is the norm. Located in Section 3 in the quiet suburban of Shah Alam, Spiced Pumpkin Cafe & Bakery serves more than Middle Eastern food with a diverse menu.

Key Takeaways

Running a specialised cuisine outlet can be a Herculean task for some and Mas Zuhairin is here to guide you through some wise strategies to undertake in order to stand out. She speaks to eFM on the pros and cons of both traditional and digital marketing as well as the need for a diverse menu. Among others, she also touches on the importance of price discrimination and target market as a means of ensuring the right recipe for a food and beverages company to thrive in Malaysia.

Fun Fact

Mas Zuhairin once had a stint as a nanny in the UK before venturing into hospitality and F&B.




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