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Ep18. Ho J-Son, Gameka

25 Jan 2018

Ep 18. Ho J-Son, Gameka

What It’s About
In this episode, we sit down with Gameka founder, Ho J Son to discuss his foray into the
world of gamification, and how his company is livening up the corporate sphere through
gaming! Gameka was founded on the dream that gaming can create a positive impact on the
world. Everyone remembers their favourite story, movie or television series. Many of us
remember our first electronic game and the time we spent playing those games. At Gameka,
we want to be part of this experience by developing electronic games and software solutions
that are engaging, exciting and exceptional.

Key Takeaways
Their business in Gameka consists of two parts, implementing Gamification and building
their own games.Their Gamification division seeks to work with businesses to integrate game
concepts and principles to improve experiences, increase engagement and enhance education.
They apply concepts such as artificial intelligence, automation, virtual and augmented reality
as well as achievement systems to help companies grow their business in today’s digital

Fun Fact
Their game designers division focuses on building their own IPs by leveraging on their
diverse backgrounds from pen & paper role-playing games and collectable card games to art,
cosplay and competitive online gaming.




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