Ep18. Fave Malaysia the biggest tech players

18 Oct 2018

Ep 18. Fave Malaysia the biggest tech players

This business has taken shape with various names but this one remains a fave-ourite with us. JD talks to Yeoh Chen Chow (CC) who have been with the company every since it was known as Groupon. Now, Fave Malaysia is one of the biggest tech players not only in Malaysia, but also the region. Together the duo talk about the early beginnings and current state of the company as well as what it means to them being a business that helps businesses.

Key Takeaways

In a world that is digitised and mostly based online, many often forget that there are still businesses that operate on the ground. Fave Malaysia looks into being the bridge that solves this gap between the online consumer and the brick and mortar shops. Other than that, Fave also uses technology as tools to help even the simplest of businesses transform the way they operate, bringing light into the importance of collaboration and technology for entrepreneurs

Fun Fact

In Kuching, there are about 250 merchants that are on board the Fave platform. While it is still early, they are looking to put more Sarawakian businesses on the platform!




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