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Ep17. Parthiven Shan, Tripcarte

24 Jan 2018

Ep 17. Parthiven Shan, Tripcarte

What Its About
In this episode, we sit down with riveting CEO, Parthiven Shan, about his startup, Tripcarte
Asia and how his company is transforming the tourism sector in Malaysia. Tripcarte’s model
is centred around providing general holiday goers, travel agents, and third party website
integrators an ‘ala carte’ option of buying just entrance tickets and not be tied down to rigid
tour based packages. In today’s world of taxi sharing apps such as Uber/Grab, they believe
more people would prefer flexible tour options that are not strict in terms of schedule and
itinerary. All purchases made online are digitized into one single e-ticket, which can be
redeemed at the attractions making the holiday a hassle free experience for tourists.

Key Takeaways
Parthiven and his team are confident that travel agents and tourists will want to use their
platform as long as there are a wide variety of attractions and places of interests, and the
attractions and places will sell their products on our platform with a competitive price if there
are a huge number of users utilizing their platform.

Fun Fact
Their service differs from their competitors in that they allow their clients to select specific
aspects of tour packages that they will enjoy, without having to commit to purchasing an
entire package just to visit a few specific destinations.



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