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Ep17. Magda Chelly: Cyber Security Posture in Blockchain

29 Nov 2018

Ep 17. Magda Chelly: Cyber Security Posture in Blockchain

In this episode Magda Chelly elaborate that many companies are adopting new technologies to improve their capabilities, but this is making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks, sharing her expertise on the risks of operating in an increasingly digitalized corporate landscape, and how businesses can better protect themselves specifically related to blockchain.

Key Take Away

Definition of cyber security is wide and Magda explains what she means by cyber security, technology and process, and why it is critical to prevent cyber-attacks. In details some of the challenges faced in protecting data, and provides views on the risks of attacks that should be reduced.

Fun Fact

An insight into the perpetrators of cyber attacks, and how can we use developments in blockchain technology to our advantage.




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