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Ep17. Humble Chef

05 Oct 2018

Ep 17. Humble Chef

In this Set Lunch episode, Razif speaks to an old friend in the F&B business: Rosman Husin. He is the founder and CEO of Humble Chef, renowned in KL for their delicious pastas at only the price of RM5 per plate! Starting from the humble beginnings of a mobile food truck, Humble Chef is now available in Bukit Damansara as well as Publika with more branches coming up in the next few months. Rosman talks about his journey as both a chef as well entrepreneur of what eventually became a much loved KL food joint.

Key Takeaways

Starting out somewhere around 2012, Humble Chef is one of the first pioneers to the food truck industry in Malaysia and its capital, Kuala Lumpur. From the early days of when he used to personally cook for his food truck to learning his most dreaded skill (bookkeeping!), Rosman gives all the saucy details of his life leading up to the success story of Humble Chef in the present. Sharing insights on self-discovery learning curves to entrepreneurship as well as how to scale up at the right pace as to not overstretch your business, this podcast with him is not to be missed out!

Fun Fact

Prior to discovering his passion for cooking at 17 years old, Rosman was once a professional Counter Strike! player who also ran a cybercafe business.




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