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Ep16. Mr. Keong & Fiona, IGL Coatings

23 Jan 2018

Ep 16. Keong Chun Chieh and Fiona Chin from IGL Coatings

What Its About
In this episode, eFM’s Dana Blouin sits down with Fiona and Keong of IGL Coatings to talk
about how their new startup is revolutionising the Malaysian car-detailing industry. Their
startup, IGL Coatings, manufactures eco-friendly car coating that protects car surfaces
without damaging the health of the environment and of the applicator. Their products
outperform existing products in the market in terms of durability, quality and ease of
application. Although the company is less than 3 years old, they have already been endorsed
by and invested in via a financial grant by Platcom Ventures, a subsidiary of Agensi Inovasi
Malaysia. The startup has also been selected as a high growth company under Cradle Fund
Coach, and are a part of the SIRIM-FRANHAUSSER Program.

Key Takeaways
The company manufactures detailing products that are gentler on human skin, and are 100%
biodegradable when compared with their competitors’ products. The startup is intent on
commercialising their product through tradeshows, social media, and point-to-point
advertising. They also have plans to establish a Europe Hub, to semi automate their
production system, and to gain distributors in China and India.

Fun Fact
They are the recipient of the Nanoverify Certification from NanoMalaysia, and are the first in
the world to attain that certification within their particular industry.



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