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Ep16. Halal Vaccine Solutions for the 21st Century

07 Mar 2019

Ep 16. Halal Vaccine Solutions for the 21st Century

In this episode, Indera Shafiq, CEO of Silver Line shares the first halal vaccine microcarrier technology. Utilising his research in biochemical and biotechnology field in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), he makes use of the opportunity to venture in the highly-demanded industry. Instead of using porcine-based gelatin, bovine-based gelatin was morphologically modified to improve its function in the vaccine microcarrier system.

Key Takeaways

Vaccines have always had porcine based microcarriers to bind the cells to it, as it is more cost-effective as well as has better tensil strength at cellular level. However, Silver Line is here to challenge that by developing and marketing halal vaccines utilising bovine based microcarriers instead. Discover how Indera Shafiq steers his company in order to better penetrate the local and overseas halal market for vaccines in this podcast episode!

Fun Fact

Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) provides the financial and platform for research and innovations suited for market demand and commercialisation.




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