Ep16. Great Kuching Borneo – CODELAB

15 Oct 2018

Ep 16. Great Kuching Borneo – CODELAB

This episode features JD talking to Kahirul from CODELAB Academy where they teach kids to master coding. Akin to learning language, he believes that children are definitely ripe to learn coding. Combining his experience in IT with his passion for teaching, the academy was born. On top of teaching coding to children, he explains the various other programmes that CODELAB does such as Hackatons and Hour of Code, and what the outcomes of such activities say about programming and coding.

Key Takeaways

Together, these two discuss the impact of coding activities in solving real life problems as well as being an outlet for expression. They’ve also come to realise that many programmers are self taught but also there is a need to have a balance fof guidanceand self-exploration in coding.

Fun Fact

Khairul has a diploma, degree AND masters in computer science! How’s that for a coding genius?




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