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Ep15. Peter Davis

22 Jan 2018

Ep 15. Peter Davis

What It’s About
A man of many trades, Peter Davis has dabbled in acting, modelling, mixed martial arts, and
now, entrepreneurship. In this interview, Davis sits down with eFM’s Dana Blouin to discuss
his early work as an employee at a Lehman’s Brothers subsidiary company during the 2007
financial crisis, as well as his acting gigs in the Malaysian Film Industry. Davis details his
upbringing in Malaysia, the skills and techniques he employs to market himself as an
individual, and as a business entity.

Key Takeaways
Davis firmly believes in the power of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to transform and nourish
the lives of society. Coming from a strict corporate background, he asserts firmly that the
lessons that can be attained from engaging in MMA serves to benefit those intending to find
success in their careers, studies, and even families.

Fun Fact
Not only has he dabbled in a variety of trades, Davis has also found success in all his
endeavours, particularly as a Malaysian actor.




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