Malaysia Halal Expo 2019,

Ep15. Islam, Tech and Accessibility

28 Feb 2019

Ep 15. Islam, Tech and Accessibility

In this episode, eFM speaks to the Managing Director of Meas-Tech Solutions: Rozilawati Ibrahim during the Malaysian Halal Expo 2019. Meas-Tech Solutions is an innovation-driven company that focuses on providing technological solutions for Muslims, particularly disabled Muslims. Their flagship product now is the Sahalah Wudhuk Station which is an innovation to help disabled Muslims to perform their pre-prayer ablutions.

Key Takeaways

Puan Rozilawati shares how the idea behind the Sahalah Wudhuk Station was first conceptualised as well as its penetration of the local market today. In addition to that, she also comments on the gap in the ecosystem and how events such as MHE2019 can help close the gap within to bring the ecosystem together in the same space.

Fun Fact

Sahalah Wudhuk Station is now available in over 20 mosques nationwide as well as bus stations and hospitals around Malaysia.




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