Ep15. Great Kuching Borneo – NSU x StartUp

15 Oct 2018

Ep 15. Great Kuching Borneo – NSU x StartUp

JD speaks to the Ahmad Rizal from National Strategy Unit (NSU) as well as Sarah from StartUp Malaysia about coding and how it is a requirement in this new age of digital economy. This realisation started Coding At Schools, an introductory programme for primary school students to learn coding. Partnered with the Ministry of Education, Coding at Schools to started these programmes at certain schools across the country. Sarah explains StartUp Malaysia’s role in this nurturing initiative; delivering the content and skill to the students and help them apply this new found knowledge to solve problems practically. Together in this episode, the duo explores the collaboration between startups, government bodies and technology in enriching learning experiences within schools.

Key Takeaways

They speak about the logistics of bringing the programme to not only urban schools but rural schools as well. Detailing the transportation and set up of equiptment, Ahmad Rizal explains that the collective effort is not only for the school, but also the community. This initiative is a collective effort of various government bodies as well as businesses to equip the youth with a skill set that is very much valuable.

Fun Fact

By 2017, Coding at School has about 6000 students in over 120 schools, learning how to code!




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