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Ep14. Vijay Tirathrai, Techstars Dubai

19 Jan 2018

Ep 14. Vijay Tirathrai – Managing Director, Techstars Dubai

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana Blouin speaks with Vijay Tirathrai, the managing director of Techstars
Dubai, to discuss the value of founders taking part in an accelerator program and Vijay’s
announcement of the launch of the new Singapore chapter of Techstars which is intended to
be their regional hub for Southeast Asia. TechStars is an organization which prides itself on
providing exceptional accelerator programs, mentorship programs, partnerships, and ventures
to budding entrepreneurs all across the globe.

Key Takeaways
The organization carefully selects viable companies to join the TechStar family every year.
Once in, they will determine the selected companies’ fundraising strategy and prepares them
to meet with investors. They also educate organizations on how to communicate their vision
with precision and equip them with the tools necessary to meet with investors, partners and
other key stakeholders who can help shape their future.

Fun Fact
Vijay was born and raised in KL, and was hired in the U.S.A. after completing his tertiary
education. He has been involved in the entrepreneur ecosystem for the past 25 years, Building
networks and adding value to organizations that he encounters.




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