Ep14. Soki Ohmae; Envisioning a Drone-Based Future

12 Aug 2019

Ep 14. Soki Ohmae; Envisioning a Drone-Based Future

In this recording of a Drone Talk session with Soki Ohmae, a near future with DroneTech is explored in detail on the possibilities for society. Soki is a droneographer and co-founder of Drone Fund, a venture capital company that invests in drone startups.

Key Takeaways

How can something as light and remote as drone UAVs change the face of society in the early 21st century? Drones can change the way we address several pressing societal issues such as aging society, city planning, traffic management and emergency first response. Soki Ohmae opens up the audience’s eyes on how having UAVs in the air can break frontiers in so many different industries and ways. In addition to that, Soki also talks on how DroneFund can contribute in realizing this vision by providing capital, offer business development and foster an environment that encourages startups to discuss ways to incorporate drones into society.

Fun Fact

A droneographer is a person who uses the art and technology of drones (UAVs) to capture aerial photography and videography.




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