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Ep14. Ladangku

14 Sep 2018

Ep 14. Ladangku

In this Set Lunch episode, Razif Hashim dives into the halal food market industry with Yani Hardinata, the Managing Director of Ladangku, a Malaysian halal chicken supplier company. In this podcast, the duo discusses the rampant growth in both global and local demand for halal food products as well as how a company such as Ladangku can seize the opportunity to be the answer to these demands. Mr Yani also gets raw and candid about the realities of supply chain management for fresh produce such as poultry in the advent of globalisation and food processing technology.

Key Takeaways

Malaysia is one of the world’s top consumer of chicken product per capita and with its Muslim-majority population, it makes the perfect market for halal products. However, starting a business catering to these demands isn’t all smooth sailing and Mr Yani shares with us Ladangku’s journey as well as his own personal entrepreneurial venture into the industry. He also discusses the industry prerequisites for food classification and ways to overcome consumer skepticism over frozen yet fresh produce. While competition is stiff in the industry, Ladangku is not one to take flight from the industry but rather has embarked on their own unique guerilla marketing strategies.

Fun Fact

One of Ladangku’s stockists has recorded an income as high as RM1 million ringgit by only selling their chicken produce!




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