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Ep14. Jay Kim – Why Blockchain?

19 Nov 2018

Ep 14. Jay Kim – Why Blockchain?

In this episode, Jay Kim shares her life journey from her early years in South Korea, eventual move to India and then to Madagascar as well as how it affects her life as an entrepreneur. Such a non-conventional path has opened up her world to a myriad of people and experiences, which eventually guides the way she proceeded with the blockchain technology. Jay Kim also discusses how one should study the true nature of blockchain before investing without prior knowledge into the hype of crytocurrency and the likes of it.

Key Takeaways

Jay Kim goes into an in-depth analysis of why people and organizations who want to be part of the wave of progress should adopt blockchain. She touches on how blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency (contrary to the mass public’s perceptions!) nor merely a digital ledger in which transactions made in and recorded chronologically as well as publicly. She also discusses the hype of blockchain and what can take place when people leap at the opportunity of making a quick profit without proper due diligence on what the technology is truly about as seen in the Bitcoin mania.

Fun Fact

Jay Kim’s first experience with the internet involves dial-up internet routers and the glory days before browsers were ubiquitous!




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