Ep14. Great Kuching Borneo – Daniel Vonge Lai X MINDSWITCH

15 Oct 2018

Ep 14. Great Kuching Borneo – Daniel Vonge Lai X MINDSWITCH

Daniel Vonge Lai speaks to the host about being very keen on solving mobility and navigation problems for the visually impaired and how his product aims to help these people. Intellectual property lawyer turned founder of MINDSWITCH, Zahara talks about entrepreneurs and their businesses being protected. Together, the three discuss about empowering communities as well as entreprenurs using technology ans aldo changing their attitudes towards Intellectual property.

Key Takeaways

The pair talks about the doing business in Sarawak comapred to the Peninsular. They flesh out the types of entrepreneurships and industries that are emerging in Sarawak such as startups and digital economy. As Daniel explains his process of developing the SmartCane, Zahara in turn offers insight on how the patenting process is done and also why it is important for entrepreneurs, especially innovaters, to protect their businesses.

Fun Fact

Currently, Daniel is selling his product to people outside of Malaysia from Kuching. This is made possible as he mainly runs his business online.




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