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Ep13. Warren Ren, WESK

18 Jan 2018

Ep 13. Warren Ren – CEO WESK

What It’s About
Having been thoroughly inspired by the character Jarvis from Marvel’s Iron Man movie
franchise, Warren Ren decided to build artificial intelligence that would mimic what Jarvis
could do albeit with a twist; his system can actually comprehend and respond to commands in
Asian slangs! In this episode, Dana Blouin speaks with Warren Ren the CEO and Co-
Founder of the Malaysian Based Smart Home and AI company, WESK, to discuss the future
of smart home and how AI will change the way we interact with everything from our home to
our community.

Key Takeaways
Warren’s AI comes in the form of a smart speaker that utilises both software and hardware.
His team developed an LP that was well suited to the local market, and they are currently
working on having it fit into the local market. His software bridges the gap by using machine
learning that is in built to the speaker. It can control your home, and introduce good local
services like restaurants and other frequently visited places, and is also smart enough to track
your current location and recommend the nearest restaurant and how much it’ll cost.

Fun Fact
The idea to develop this AI also stemmed from Warren recognising the need for new houses
and housing developers to incorporate a vocal AI system that could tend to the
establishment’s owner’s requests.




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