Ep13. Great Kuching Borneo – AQUAVERMIPONIC

15 Oct 2018

Ep 13. Great Kuching Borneo – AQUAVERMIPONIC

JD talks to Amelia Lim about both her companies and becoming a serial entreprenuer. Leaving the corporate world behind, her decision to become a female entreprenur began by starting Pets Moments, a pet store in Kuching. To feed certain animals in the store, she began farming insects as a sustainable way to keep costs and waste manageable. As her colonies grew, AQUAVERMIPONIC became her newest venture since she is as passionate about sustainability just as she is about animals.

Key Takeaways

They discuss passion in playing role in starting entreprenuership but to maintaining a business requires more than just that. As her business moves into being more online based, Amelia is looking at giving more opportunities to local women or ‘mummypreneurs’ to earn some income, highlighting the importance of being close to the community.

Fun Fact

AQUAVERMIPONICS is inspired from the concept of aquaponics that usually only for plants and fish.




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