Ep13. Drone Preneurship: Utilizing Drone Tech Commercially

12 Aug 2019

Ep 13. Drone Preneurship: Utilizing Drone Tech Commercially

Once pure childhood fantasy, drones are now taking on the world not only as a recreational machine, but are being utilized in several industries for different purposes. These unmanned aerial marvels take our imagination soaring high while thinking of the possibilities it can provide. In this podcast, our panelists described to listeners the journey of becoming a drone preneur and the potential of the technology.

Key Takeaways

In this talk, Hazel Hassan from MaGIC, together with panelists Jin Xi Cheong from Poladrone, Dato’ Sri Ganes from Asia Drone, Muhamad Armi Abdul Majid from OFO Tech, and Eddie Bennet from OMADA discussed the advantages, potential, and challenges of Drone Tech and entrepreneurship, which is the new industry of providing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions to industries such as agriculture, construction, and others. Discover how Drone Tech has improved in terms of operations and functions, contributed to research and development of several sectors, and how it will impact the future of the talent pool in Malaysia. This episode also intensely dives into the regulatory issues that we are currently facing in Malaysia, as well as suggestions on how we should solve these issues.

Fun Fact

Besides being used in air space, drones can also be used underwater for research, rescue, restoration, and other purposes.




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