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Ep13. Blockchain as a Tool: Its Current and Potential Impacts

19 Nov 2018

Ep 13. Blockchain as a Tool: Its Current and Potential Impacts

This episode features a panel discussing the potential impacts of blockchain as it becomes more and more popular. From aiding refugees to establising trust between farmers and traders, the possibilities seems to know no bounds. Jae Kim from Ignite Innovators, Elizabeth Chee from Health Inormation Tracibility as well as Belinda from the Good Block speak and dicuss about their experience in handling blockchains as well as in the many ways the system has been changed, applied and benefit the world more than we think.

Key Takeaways

These speakers talk about the changes that blockchain brings when it is used to in various ways. These applications not only facilitate in aiding a myriad of processes within issues such as environmental data gathering and sustainability among others. As for challenges, Jae acknowledges that using blockchain maybe intimidating as it is relatively new as well as there needs to be more action and groundwork to be done. Elizabeth also notes that as popularity rises for it to be used as a tool, there may be a risk repackaging old economies to blockchains.

Fun Fact

All data is verified and encrypted in a blockchain using advanced cryptography, making it resistant to unauthorized changes and hacks.




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