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Ep12. Melissa Foo Suyin, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

17 Jan 2018

Ep 12. Melissa Foo Suyin – Vice President, Social Innovation at Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana Blouin sits down with Vice President of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia,
Melissa Foo Suyin to discuss the role that social innovation plays in the Malaysian startup
ecosystem and what the future of social enterprise will look like in Malaysia. Agensi Inovasi
Malaysia (AIM) was created to jump start wealth creation through knowledge, technology
and innovation to stimulate and develop the innovation eco-system in Malaysia. The
enterprise lays down the foundation of innovation that will inspire and produce a new
generation of innovative entrepreneurs, whilst also facilitating collaborations between
government, academia and industry in advancing the consolidation and execution of new
ideas in innovation.

Key Takeaways
Agensi Inovasi Malaysia has two primary goals which is to (1) bring about holistic societal
well-being through the cultivations of the innovation eco-system, and (2) to drive the national
innovation agenda to generate new-wave wealth.

Fun Fact
Melissa was a dentist by profession. After having travelled the world, she realised that
meaning in life can be derived from balancing a career that is financially viable, but also
positively impacts society.



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