Set Lunch,

Ep12. Fried Chillies

17 Aug 2018

Ep 12. Fried Chillies

This Set Lunch episode introduces us to Adly Rizal and Honey Ahmad, the co-founders of which is a conglomerate focusing on the media of food. The business circles around writing, shooting, producing and publishing about all kinds of food and has been doing so since 1998. They share with Razif on the journey that Fried Chillies has gone through after operating for 20 years around the revolution of taste in Malaysia and abroad for food lovers worldwide.

Key Takeaways

Adly and Honey discusses the challenges in running a food conglomerate that has its fingers in as many pies as possible. This episode also includes some tips from them on topics such as funding and financing your business as well as how to scale up in order to impact as many users as possible. Fried Chillies is also behind some of the famous food events in Klang Valley and Honey shares how output curation is important in making your food business stand out among similar competitors. Adly also goes candid on how F&B entrepreneurs need to pivot like how Fried Chillies has done countless times over the years as food and palates evolve.

Fun Fact

The two founders started their magical pairing as food buddies before venturing into Fried Chillies.
” A food business that doesn’t actually sell any food yet has been around for 2 decades and has a million loyal followers? Listen to Adly Rizal and Honey Ahmad, the co-founders of on their recipe for success, here on eFM.




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