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Ep12. Digital Entrepreneurs & IT Talents

20 Dec 2018

Ep 12. Digital Entrepreneurs & IT Talents

MDEC is a government owned platform that nurtures the growth of Malaysian SMEs in the IT industry whilst attracting participation from global ICT companies to invest in and develop cutting edge digital and creative solutions in Malaysia. In this episode, we talk to the Vice President of Talent & Digital Entrepreneurship in MDEC, Miss Sumitra Nair about MDEC and the initiatives taken by the organization to up bring e-commerce entrepreneurs and the type of business aid given by them.

Key Take Away

Miss Sumitra Nair shares about MDEC and how e-commerce has grown to be such a competitive and interconnected industry in the world. She elaborates on how e-commerce isn’t just about selling online and it requires an entrepreneur to be talented in various technologies due to its interconnection with other industries. In addition to that, she touches about a couple of initiatives MDEC has that can help educate and pave the path for entrepreneurs. She also talks about the common gaps that are usually faced by entrepreneurs and how MDEC is working closely with universities to ensure graduates a prepared for the real world of business.

Fun Fact

MDEC has trained and provided bussiness solution to more than 200.000 entrepreneurs to make their business a successful one in Malaysia.




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