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Ep12. Dahpnee Chong: Ever-expanding world of logistics

12 Nov 2018

Ep 12. Dahpnee Chong: Ever-expanding world of logistics

This episode showcases Daphnee Chong sharing her insight onto the ever-expanding world of logistics, especially in the era of blockchain. As Chief Technology Officer of Logistics Worldwide Express, she shares her expertise in logistics as well as key insights into how blockchain is disrupting the industry and will be changing the way logistics function between B2B and B2C segments.

Key Take Away

Daphnee discusses how incorporating blockchain into logistics is a gamechanger due to the transparency and reliability of data logged onto the blockchain. If and when these data of logistics transanctions can be guaranteed in terms of its reliability, it will transform the industry by bypassing the need for for a middlemen and even possibly the customs office. With such disruptions in place, how can one prepare to adapt and adopt blockchain technology into one of the most important aspect of e-commerce? Find out more in this podcast!

Fun Fact

Daphnee is also the director of Women Who Code and has been coding for 18 years.




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