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Ep114. Pushkart PH Online Grocery Delivery

14 Mar 2019

Ep 114. Pushkart PH Online Grocery Delivery

Dana Blouin talks to Joshua Aragon, the founder and CEO of Pushkart PH an online grocery delivery service.

Key Takeaways

Joshua Aragon who was previously in the construction business found it hard to find certain items in hardware store thought to convert this into grocery delivery via his online grocery delivery service, Pushkart PH. Currently Pushkart PH is partnered up with two supermarkets and are looking to expand into four more.

Fun Fact

One of the supermarkets that has partnered up with Pushkart PH is owned by Joshua Aragon’s own family and he grew up interning in the store, which in turn taught him a lot about supermarkets and how they work internally.




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