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Ep110. Yoga and Mindfulness in the Corporate World

18 Feb 2019

Ep 110. Yoga and Mindfulness in the Corporate World

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Corporate World About The Episode: Dana Blouin sits down with Dinah Salonga, managing director of Yoga Plus who is also running corporate training on mindfulness. In this episode Dinah discusses the connection between the practice and philosophies of yoga and the corporate world.

Key Takeaways

Dinah Salonga used to be a tech entrepreneur, a self-proclaimed former boss from hell who has now discovered yoga via the physical and philosophical aspects and has found a way to incorporate it in corporate training on mindfulness. Salonga shares how she went on a personal journey from losing staff to discovering calm, peace and discipline which she now teaches to management teams of various corporate companies.

Fun Fact

According to Dinah Salonga, you cannot practice yoga without focusing on mindfulness which in turn strengthens the mind and exercises the attention muscle.




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