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Ep11. Tourplus

06 Jun 2018

Ep 11. Tourplus

Tourplus is an online marketplace for travelers to connect with local tour guides. It enables users to communicate with the local guides and customize itinerary for their trips. Problems such as security, languages, and local knowledge are no longer issues for adventurous travelers by having local experts travel with them. Tourplus now supports countries in Southeast Asia region. Personalizing travel experience has become possible with Tourplus.

Tourplus began in 2014 when Rickson met Kyle during a trip to California. Kyle hosted Rickson and showed Rickson around in San Francisco like a local. Rickson need not bother with the online scattered information and reviews anymore. Later, both founders decided to return to their home country – Malaysia and started up a business to help solve problems in travel. Therefore, the birth of Tourplus. Now, thousands of hosts and travelers choose to create free Tourplus accounts so they can list their services and hire tour guides as local friends while traveling.

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