Set Lunch,

Ep11. Mahbub Restaurant

27 Jul 2018

Ep 11. Mahbub Restaurant

In this episode of Set Lunch, Razif talks to the Omar Farouq Ali who is the director of Mahbub, a famous “mamak” (Indian Muslim) restaurant based in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Mahbub, a family business spanning 3 generations, has pivoted away from the typical business model of mamak restaurants by venturing into the catering industry as well as looking into overseas expanion.

Key Takeaways

Taking over a family-owned restaurant that’s been around for 3 generations is no easy feat but together with his brothers and father, Omar is not only leading Mahbub into a new era of prosperity but also bringing in positive changes to the business. In this podcast, Omar discusses his family’s dabbling in the F&B industry and how they turned failures into a success story. As the restaurant is uniquely operated as a family business, Omar also shares the challenges of working as a family of entrepreneurs and ways to be ahead of competitors.

Fun Fact

Mahbub Restaurant won the Best Creative Brand Transformation for SME Awards 2017 after 40 years of being in business!




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