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Ep11. Lim Shen-Nen: Crytocurrency and the legality

12 Nov 2018

Ep 11. Lim Shen-Nen: Crytocurrency and the legality

This episode features a crash course on the confluence of blockchain, crytocurrency and the legality of the industry especially in Singapore. The talk was presented by Lim Shen-Nen of the Singapore based Consilium Law Corporation on behalf of her senior, Franca Ciambella who is an international lawyer as well as the MD of the corporation.

Key Take Away

As a Legal Associate in a firm specialising in the relatively new field of blockchain and crytocurrency, Shen-Nen discusses the legalities involved in processes such as cryto-trading and initial coin offering. Relaxing yet stringent requirements by the Singaporean government with regards to the blockchain industry such as KYC and AML procedures are also part of her insight into the regulatory standards of blockchain.

Fun Fact

Singapore is one of the world’s most blockchain-friendly countries in the world besides Switzerland.




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