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Ep11. Important Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

20 Dec 2018

Ep 11. Important Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Andrew Tan is a serial entrepreneur and the founding partner of TinkBig Ventures. In this episode, he gives us a few important characteristics that are possessed by successful entrepreneurs. Being able to successfully list his company at the MESDAQ, Mr.Andrew summarizes to us about his 15 years of entrepreneurship experience and how he managed to sustain in this rather painful career path.

Key Take Away

In this episode, Mr.Andrew Tan talks about his experiences in the entrepreneurship world and the key characteristics owned by successful business ventures. He covers about the mindset we should have before we start a business and the difficulties we are bound to face as an entrepreneur. According to him, entrepreneurship is the most painful career path and he brings light to ways we can overcome the pain, in this episode.

Fun Fact

Mr. Andrew Tan, a now successful and famous businessman has faced bankruptcy twice in his life before he became the founding partner of TinkBig.




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  1. Hi Andrew,
    I enjoyed listening to you and every step of the way you keep motivating me. It is very true that one of the most important characteristics of entrepreneur is to endure pain. Most entrepreneurs go through lots of difficulties and it is those who are passionate, optimistic, and very determined who are successful.
    I have covered this topic in one of my articles, though detailed I must admit that I have learnt a lot from your audio.
    I love the part that says we should understand our customers even more than they understand themselves. Whoa!
    Keep it up.

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