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Ep11. Daniel Sproll, Realities.io

17 Jan 2018

Ep 11. Daniel Sproll – Co-Founder of Realities.io

What It’s About
Realities.io’s Daniel Sproll has always made it a point to never stay in one place for too long.
He has established himself within the Berlin tech scene, among the Silicon tech giants and
now, alongside innovative startups within Asia. In this episode, eFM’s Dana Blouin sits down
with Daniel Sproll, the co-founder of Berlin based Realities.io. A virtual reality company by
trade, Daniel’s startup builds fully immersive digital worlds that are immersive,
encapsulating, and wondrous.

Key Takeaways
Daniel states vehemently that you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to run a successful tech
startup. After having received moderate success in Silicon Valley, Daniel had decided it was
time to move back to his home country of Germany to consolidate the work he was doing.
His software, Realities, lets users explore a growing library of interesting and mesmerizing
places from all around the globe in virtual reality that can be explored in photorealistic

Fun Fact
The company’s primary vision is to use virtual reality technology to bring you to places that
were out of reach before. The technology enables people to bring real world places using
photo geometry, and the idea is to transport them to a place that is too far away, or too
dangerous, or isn’t there anymore.




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