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Ep105. FAME – Futuristic Aviation Maritime Enterprise

27 Dec 2018

Ep 105. FAME – Futuristic Aviation Maritime Enterprise tylist

Dana Blouin chats with Arcelio Fetizanan, the CEO of FAME, a company which is currently building transponders for the aviation and maritime industries in Philippines.

Key Takeaways

From being a pilot of small planes himself, Arcelio Fetizanan recognized that forty one community airports in Philippines don’t have air traffic controllers or radio, while in maritime, only two commercial ports out of 500 ports have vessel tracking monitoring system. From this information, Fetizanan and partner have come up with a solution via transponders which have a range of up to 120km or so.

Fun Facts

Arcelio Fetizanan met his business partner while gaming, which is reflected in the user friendliness of their deck’s dashboard.




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