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Ep104. StyleGenie – The Digital Personal Stylist

20 Dec 2018

Ep 104. StyleGenie – The Digital Personal Stylist

In this episode of SEA Business, Dana Blouin gets in touch with Abbie Victorino, the CEO of StyleGenie, a subscription box company that delivers clothes that are curated by experienced stylist to match your style needs monthly. Here, Miss Victorino talks about how the monthly subscription box helps to answer the question women ask themselves daily, ‘ What to wear?’. She also explains to Dana about the experiences she had in the Asian Founders Fellowship Program and how China isn’t like anything we used to imagine. As her company’s growth projection grew ten times better in one year, she discusses on the key factors that keeps her business successful and also on the improvements she is going to implement in StyleGenie.

Key Takeaways

As the buying power in Philipines is great, we see a good future for StyleGenie. In this episode, Abbie Victorino dives deep into how StyleGenie works as a fashion solution to women of Philipines regardless of their age, size, jobs and personalities. She also provides us some key take away she gained from the Asian Founders Fellowship Program and on how that program has helped her in improvising Stylegenie. She also talks about how she incorporated her fashion and e-commerce background to form StyleGenie. Furthermore, she speaks to Dana about the challenges she faces as a CEO and how she manages her stress. According to her, clothing can make or break a person’s day and Abbie is making sure StyleGenie works as a subscription box that provides solution to every woman that are stuck in style ruts.

Fun Facts

When Abbie visited China for her fellowship program, she discovered that the farmers in the rural villages there sell through e-commerce platform to make a living.




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