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Ep103. Portier Technologies

13 Dec 2018

Ep 103. Portier Technologies

In this episode of SEA Business, Dana Blouin sits down with Deniz Tekerek, Co-founder of Portier Technologies, provider of mobile guest solutions that serve the luxury hotel market. According to Mr Tekerek, travellers don’t always get access to unique elements of the city which are usually limited to only the locals. Portier comes into the picture by providing a device that serves this information from the initial entry point of the travellers; their hotel room. Based in Shanghai, Portier partners with telco companies that focus on the hotel sector. They offer a physical device that ties in with an application along with connectivity to provide greater guest satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

Hotels benefit from Portier among other things, through increased revenue by promoting certain hotel offers to the user of the phone. Hotels can track the whereabouts of the user and send specific messages and promotions relevant to their location. Additionally, Portier assists hotels from an operational perspective by recognizing specific guest requests through a chat feature. Portier also encourages the selling of advertisements on this platform.

Fun Fact

Portier is in partnership with Samsun hence, whenever they penetrate a market they would do so with Samsung. In addition, Portier emphases on foreign travellers of a country rather than local ones, specifically English, German and Russian. For more information check out: www.goportier.com




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