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Ep102. Glueck Technologies – Motion and Facial Analytics

09 Dec 2018

Ep 102. Glueck Technologies – Motion and Facial Analytics

In this episode of SEA Business, Dana Blouin sits down with Albert Alexander, CEO of Glueck Technologies, a company which deals with motion and facial analytics. According to Mr Alexander, Glueck Technologies was inspired by the movie Minority Report, in which data is collected through facial recognition. Founded in 2015, Glueck Technologies primarily collects data for clients who carry out outdoor advertising and clients who are looking to take their in store marketing to the next level, through data collection of customers.

Key Takeaways

The most interesting thing about Glueck Technologies’ data collection method is that it is based on facial expressions and behavioural reading of would be customers. For in store clients, Glueck Technologies reads customers and would be customers’ emotions through cctv footage. The built in emotional engine can read a customers’ emotions, gaze and even micro emotions within milliseconds, resulting in the most comprehensive data collection in turn helping clients determine what works and what does not for each customer. Meanwhile, the data collected for outdoor advertising works towards the effectiveness of each advertisement, placement, targeting and so on.

Fun Fact

Founded in 2015, Glueck Technologies has already amassed a base of over 5 million people!




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