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Ep101. Roboxa Moves Enterprise Towards I.R 4.0 With Smart Glass Solution

29 Nov 2018

Ep 101. Roboxa Moves Enterprise Towards I.R 4.0 With Smart Glass Solution

In this episode of SEA Business, Dana Blouin gets in touch with Mr.Naveen Cordoza, the Executive Director of Roboxa, an enterprise Smart Glass solution provider. Roboxa’s main focus is to provide innovative, seamless and functional solutions, spanning across Aerospace, MRO, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive and Public Sector. Here, Mr.Naveen talks about how smart glass provides better work solutions and improvements in aerospace and healthcare fields such as doctors being able to treat and monitor patience while they are in the ambulance. He also explains to us on how Roboxa’s smart glass has been designed according to customers need on increasing efficiency and accountability in their workspace. As aviation being Roboxa’s biggest target market, the executive director speaks on the importance of maintaining a good and long lasting relationship with clients to ensure the business sustains and remains relevant in the market.

Key Takeaways

As the demand for smart glass solutions provider increased in the past 18 months, we see a future that is looking through smart glasses to find solutions about almost everything. In this episode, Mr.Naveen dives deep into the solutions that are being provided by Roboxa’s smart glass and how they have incorporated augmented reality to it. He also speaks about the main target fields and on building solution providers according to the customers needs. Furthermore, he talks to Dana about the challenges Roboxa face on simplifying technology by balancing the features to minimize the amount of user disruptions. He’s focus is to ensure Roboxa functions as a business institution that provides efficient and customized solution for their customers in order to sustain the relationship with them.

Fun Fact

The Smart Glass technology and solution provider is said to be the most transformative technology in the upcoming 25 years and deliver a boost to any industry that applies it.




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